Q: I want to go ahead with my fence project. What do I do?

A: Sign the proposal, circle and initial any options you'd like (if any options are listed separately), and return a copy digitally or by mail to the address listed at top of proposal. Please include a check for the requested deposit amount. This can vary from 33%-50% depending on the style of fence selected. Payment by credit card can be processed via phone. However, a 3.5% fee will be assessed.

Q: I mailed back my proposal and payment as described above. What happens next?

A: During the busy periods, it takes 10 to 14 days from when you mail the proposal for us to receive it and for your project to work its way through our customer service, product ordering and crew scheduling departments. You will be contacted and given an approximate installation date. We wholeheartedly try our best to stay true to this installation date. However, this date is subject to change due to inclement weather leading up to your installation, product shortages and other delays. As your actual install date is within a week out, you will be contacted to dial in the time frame!

Q: What are my responsibilities?

A: It depends on your project. We will make you aware of your specific responsibilities. Typical customer responsibilities include marking the property lines or having the property surveyed, calling DigSafe, pulling permits, and marking irrigation lines. Most importantly, many projects require the homeowner to clear the new fence line of brush/bushes/trees/animal waste before the fence can be installed.

Q: Explain the DigSafe process to me...

A: DigSafe is a free service offered to homeowners and contractors that are seeking to have underground utility lines marked prior to any excavation project (gas, water, sewer, electric and communications.) This service can be reached by calling 811. A representative will confirm the project address and ask you to describe the proposed project. Within three to four business days, markings or flags will be placed on your property letting Down Home Fence, Inc. know where it is safe to dig. DigSafe is not responsible for any privately placed lines, local septic systems or irrigation lines. A DigSafe Ticket Number will be assigned to your project. This unique ticket is valid for 30 days.

Q: Does my fence need a permit?

A: Permitting can vary from town to town. Typically, any fence that is over seven feet in height may require a permit or special engineered plans. It is your responsibility to investigate any permit requirement and any local or association by laws. In ground pools must also meet certain requirements such as minimum height, outward swinging and lockable gates and no voids in your fence greater than four inches. Our knowledge and experience with the industry will help steer you in the correct direction of style selection that is compliant with state and local requirements.

Q: Is it the property owners' responsibility to ensure the fence is installed within the property boundaries?

A: Yes, the homeowner is responsible for knowing the true property lines. Our crew will put the fence where the homeowner indicates, so it is important that property lines are accurately determined. Installing a quality fence is expensive. Why do it twice?! Plot plans and as built plans can be used to reference property boundaries. However, the most accurate way is by having a professional land surveyor determine the boundaries. String lines are used as reference when installing our fences to ensure it falls within your desired location.

Q: What happens the day of installation?

A: It is highly recommended that you be present when the crew foreman arrives the first day of your project to walk the perimeter of your project and discuss any issues or questions on your mind. The foreman will have been briefed on your project before arriving and will bring any questions or potential issues to your attention. This conversation assures you will have realistic expectations for your fence project. After the initial conversation, it is not necessary for you to remain at home. Please point out sources of water on the outside of your home for our use as well as electric outlets for running tools and charging batteries. Discuss location and direction of swing for all gates throughout your project. Please point out any unmarked irrigation lines as well. If a line is struck the crew will make you aware and leave it exposed. We try our best to avoid lines through experience and safe techniques. In the event an irrigation line is hit, it is ultimately your responsibility to have the repairs made. Crews will neatly rake out excess dirt along your fence line after the project is complete. Please show us an area that we can leave an over abundance of excess dirt or large rocks. If an existing fence is being taken down and disposed of remember this does not include concrete bases. Concrete base disposal is not included in your initial estimate and may incur further charges. Our team is extremely respectful and approachable. This is your installation. If at any time you have a question please do not hesitate to ask.

Q: What happens after installation is complete?

A: After the installation is complete the foreman will ask you to walk the fence project with them to ensure it meets your level of satisfaction or if you would like any adjustments made. Final payment is expected after this final walk through (credit cards can be called in.) Payment may be given to our trusted foreman upon completion. All fences are warrantied for one year from the date of installation. An installation decal with be placed on your fence with the date marked on it. Removal of sticker will void your warranty. Remember these are products exposed to Mother Nature on a daily basis. Periodic light cleaning of your fence or maintenance may be needed to prolong the life of your newly installed fence. Please ask your estimator for more clarification on maintaining your fence and the warranty it has.